When have ever rules
Made sense
They are there to
The unjustifiable.

July 20, 2017

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This would be equally true for men as women. Partnership is a shared experience that requires balance in the meeting of equals. Once the balance is lost the partnership is in jeopardy. As for loving one’s self it should be done with some rationality so not to turn into selfishness. Last thought, we have to accept that everything has an end and when possible be prepared for it to end. After all c’est la vie!

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Goodbye unnecessary

Goodbye daddy
She says the little one
Smiling but her eyes
Full of tears
Waiting to be released
Full of sadness
I look into them
Lost with choking voice
Goodbyes are unnecessary
Darling for I will be
Shortly back, her eyes are
Questioning my words
Goodbyes of uncertainty they are than
Goodbyes of leaving, daddy. My heart

July 9, 2017

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Running along a road
Made of jelly
Fruity it seems
Fruitless at core.

Running along a road
Melting of desire
Cheesy and grilled

Running …
Stop …
Breathe in

July 8, 2017

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She speaks of dreams
He speaks of future
And goals to achieve
But what it means to dream
And to hold a goal dear
If not joined by the two hearts
If not shared by the two souls
One dreams
One sleeps
And the hearts?
They retire broken in a nursing home:
Lonely hearts expired!

She speaks of dreams
He speaks of …
His snoring tonight is exceptionally loud
She thinks silently and turn
What it means to dream
Lights off …

July 6, 2017

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Bedtime she says
She reminds him of
His mother and
A half century of rebellion.

His protest is not heard
His heart is weak
His soul is bored
His days are numbered.

The resignation letter reads
So comes to pass that
I am passing and
The years of ambition
Mean nothing

Bedtime she says
She reminds him of
His mother and
He feels suffocated.

There was a wife once
Few wives to be precise
All wanted bedtime
He wanted to bed them and

A nurse
A wife
Or an empty street corner
He wonders
What’s more painful
The complicated humans
Death or
Dying alone.

Loneliness kills!

Bedtime she says
She reminds him of
His mother and
He cries like a child
Who lost his mother
She caresses him
She rocks him to sleep
She leaves with his soul.

July 5, 2017

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As a traveller with hungry appetite for books I appreciate eBooks. I can carry a whole library on my ereader without increasing the weight of my backpack. Recently, however, I picked a book by Slavoj Žižek called Event from a private bookshop as I had free time, a rare event in itself. Perhaps the traditional atmosphere of the bookshop with everyone browsing and talking about the books made it hard for me to resist. I got the physical book and as I sat to read it I wondered if reading a physical book is just about reading or is it a social action. We open our interests to others by reading a physical book whether sitting in a cafe or receiving visitors at home. It doesn’t take long before a fellow traveler notice the book and human curiosity bring them over to share the table to ask about the book, the author, my opinion and to share theirs. My rational self argues that all is replaced by its digital age equivalence on review websites, blogs, twitters, etc. But now I wonder if they are really equivalent or an important part of experience of the physicality of the book and of the contact is missing. After all you cannot argue with a review on a website over coffee, invite them to the bookshop to prove your point, continue over dinner and share wine and laughter. The best you can do with a digital review is to respond with another review!

July 2, 2017

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