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Novelist, songwriter and philosopher. Has special interest in human relations, evolution of mind, inter-cultural complications, and the concept of God.


She asked for a lampshade For the tenth time He ignored her for the eleventh time There was that other time She didn’t ask but he knew. She stopped asking He stopped noticing There is that divide between them now … Continue reading

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Drops and nuggets

A chicken piece as a small as a morning drop Drops in muddy flour and rolls He applies another hammer to the stubborn Rock that is wedged in the side Of the short mountain The chicken drop drops in the … Continue reading

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Revolution undone

So long ago There were few young ones With ideals to rescue the world From stagnation That was reached By old fat by-gone generation That was tired so sought The peaceful sleep. No one remains young. A change becomes a … Continue reading

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Good, bad and indifference

A wise and good Learns from their enemy But never becomes like that enemy A wise and bad Classifies their enemy into Good they destroy then claim never existed Bad they encourage then use to justify themselves to their friends … Continue reading

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Act of kindness

Act of kindness That is ill informed Kills! The old wonderer roamed The narrow streets with his Narrative. There were few who paid Him attention and were Dismayed. He was shooed away Often by hands, sometimes by Real shoes. Act … Continue reading

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Her shirt

I smell the collar of her shirt The morning after Her sweat is sweet The scent of her perfume is fading What remains is memory. October 13, 2017

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There is a dragon Always a dragon Always flying In her dream She wakes up sweating Her dreams don’t come often. There is a girl running Always running Always a girl In his dreams She is eaten inside out By … Continue reading

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