My soul

I gather my soul
Into few words
And wait for the morning
To visit my window
I send my words
To you
In a letter written
With the morning mist
On your closed window
When would you open it
And let me in
So our souls merge into
A mirage of lovers
A dream
I gather my soul
Into words
And send them to you
A letter of confession
I love you!

December 1, 2017

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Missing you crazy

On the river bank
I sit where we often sat
I look at the memory
Of our reflection
On the water’s face
The river flows
Like the days
Our love is stubbornly static
Do you remember us
On our first date
On our first day
Two teenagers manics
When we said one to the other
I love you
Now I stare into the river mirror
To see us
To see you
And pass you a rose
From my heart
I emplace it in your hand floating
And it flows
I ensconce my heart in my heavy coat
From the cold panic
Of missing you crazy.

November 30, 2017

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Words seller

A table
A chair
Few pens
And papers

He waits
For the old mother
Wanting a letter
To a long gone son

He waits
For the shepherd
Wanting a petition
Not to turn the free fields to farms

A destruction began
Long time ago

The words seller
Has no one to sell to
His trade

He writes a last letter
The pen breaks
The papers fly
The lines of an ageing face

November 29, 2017

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Mad lips red



Lips are

My blood
Your lips

Do you like
To bite
I told you
Not to
Kiss with your teeth

Do you
It’s taste
Or the image of
On my face

Is pain
It’s my
To have you
Being mine


My business


My pain


My pleasure
To bleed
On your lips
And have my
In passionate
To the
Of ecstasy
And beyond

Clarify… clarify… clarify

Does it really need clarification
I want you to eternity end and back
Several times a day to our ruins

Words don’t clarify
Bodies do!

November 28, 2017

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Hopeful bird not yet flying

I am singing again
My wings are still broken
My heart is still shivering
Like a wet robin in November
Not winter yet but the summer is long gone
The harsh screams of autumn’s wind
In the face of frozen rain
Yet I don’t care
I am singing again
In hope to see you
My robin calms down at the glow
Of your smile even if it’s just a memory
The warmth reaches my core
An early spring fosters its roses
Under unsuspecting snow
And waits patiently
For the silence that follows
The storm
My wings are still broken
The pain still paralyses my soul
But I am hopeful
My heart will fly again
Out of his chill
And find you
My robin knows you
And hopeful smitten
By your glow smiling
At me … caressing a cat
Like a fur coat
With dancing eyes
And tempting lips
I need that cold water in the morning
To cool my head
The wet robin is feverish
And the cat is out hunting
My wings are still broken
But I am singing hopeful
Even if I am not flying yet.

November 27, 2017

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Perfect week

Perfect week
That’s the week
I met you
Perfect week
That’s the week
You smiled at me
Perfect week
That’s the week
We kissed
First time of many
Perfect week
That’s the week
You told me
You loved me
Perfect week
That’s the week
I sleep in your arms
Every day uninterrupted
Perfect week
That’s the week
You forgave me
Perfect week
That’s the week
You came back home
I came back home
We came home after a long day
Perfect week
That’s every week
I am part of We and
We are together in harmony
Even when we make each other angry

You are my perfect week …
Ever … forever.

November 26, 2017

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Blink … blank

It is over
The operation I mean
They cut through the eye
They scratched the retina
They did what they had to do
No excuses
Just facts
And now
I have to blink
You have to blink
We need the eye lids
To open and close
Insistently continuously
No matter what it sees
In continuous motion
In collective belief
All you can see
Blank all I can see
Blank still
We see sharp light penetrating
Our eyes
A perforation in action
A linked holes of memories
Are tangling from a forlorn eye drop
It’s necessary to believe
To see
But what if
No if … wait
All there is
And only a forlorn eye drop
To feel.

November 24, 2017

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