You have grieved enough
Hang the fox’s tails
And the rabbits to dry
It is your last season
Of hunting Pain!

Your time to ride
The horizon to unknown
Is now
So prepare
It is your last season
Of hunting
It is your last season
Of Pain!


September 20, 2017

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Boiling in silence
Boiled to death
How do you like your eggs?
His ears ringing
He didn’t hear
Mrs Smith’s irrelevant question
Sitting at the table
Staring into the distance
Occupying the empty white plate
Front of him
He is lost for few moments
Then returned
Pain in his joints
Sweating forehead
And fast
Very fast heartbeat
Like a child
He wanted to jump
He wanted to run
He wanted to live
A vein burst with laughter
Laughing will kill you one day
His mother used to say
Then a head drops on the table
Just another one Mrs Smith
Enough eggs for today.

October 11, 2017

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The state of being sleepless is
Supposed to be a romantic
State of restlessness untrue
So untrue
It makes my skin curl around its cells
Like a coil of
Rattle snake lies in waiting for
Its prey
The state of being sleepless is
Like a sentence without
Full stop or even a comma to
Like being in a coma awake
Aware that your existence is
Suspended indefinitely and yet
Can’t speak
The pillow may hear you and
Wake up!

There is a law protecting
Pillow rights against
Sleepless souls
Chaotically disturbing
The unbreathable air!

Sleepless is as romantic as
Death but then
Romantic is a funny notion
Like that!

A positive full of contradictory negatives

Swallows the particles of life and living
The con-artist of the human mind
Desperate to be


October 11, 2017

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When have ever rules
Made sense
They are there to
The unjustifiable.

July 20, 2017

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In response to:

This would be equally true for men as women. Partnership is a shared experience that requires balance in the meeting of equals. Once the balance is lost the partnership is in jeopardy. As for loving one’s self it should be done with some rationality so not to turn into selfishness. Last thought, we have to accept that everything has an end and when possible be prepared for it to end. After all c’est la vie!

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Goodbye unnecessary

Goodbye daddy
She says the little one
Smiling but her eyes
Full of tears
Waiting to be released
Full of sadness
I look into them
Lost with choking voice
Goodbyes are unnecessary
Darling for I will be
Shortly back, her eyes are
Questioning my words
Goodbyes of uncertainty they are than
Goodbyes of leaving, daddy. My heart

July 9, 2017

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Running along a road
Made of jelly
Fruity it seems
Fruitless at core.

Running along a road
Melting of desire
Cheesy and grilled

Running …
Stop …
Breathe in

July 8, 2017

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