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A thought

A thought visits The village of crossed roads At the edge of sanity land A thought visits Unannounced On the back of a breathe Who is breathing in chocking existence. A wiseman sits at the edge Of a volcano counts … Continue reading

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Manhood and the dismissive woman

Is it possible to tell a woman that sometimes she doesn’t have to find a solution nor she needs to mother, she just need to listen and allow the man just to express himself, his doubts, his weakness, his tiredness … Continue reading

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Beans and shadows

I wait for my coffee I set by a round table It stands on three twisted legs And I count the beans In my last pay cheque It is going to be a long while Before the next comes along … Continue reading

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A human tragedy

Old men die Young men are killed Often in fights Children are run over By cars driven By maniacs plotting in The middle of the night. Old men read Often in stately homes In appearance calm But what about the … Continue reading

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